Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Litrecay blog post

This is my narrative writing. This is for my report and I put it on my iproud, It is an example of my writing.


Long ago on the battlefields of a great war two German scientist sarked to harness dark in the mysterious force buried for centuries they believed their discoveries would insured Germany's wave.

  • Tank dempsey the machine
  • Nikolai belinski the blooded cold viper
  • Takeo masaki the warrior
  • Richthofen the scientist.

Once upon a time there were 5 killers and they were a good combo. The war was a big war some one got very sick and turned into a zombie he bit someone and then he bit someone and it carried on and the hole war turned into zombie apocalypse. The 5 killers were gonna kill each other but they saw zombies so they pointed their guns at the zombies that were coming out of the ground. Then this big as robot foot was going to squash them they quickly jumped out of the way ad they all lived  and then they  heard Samantha  say my father was so close he said read the symbols on the wall to make one of the staffs Samantha's dad couldn't do that he was so close but  then he got eaten he got blasted by a panzer.

Takeo got badly hurt he got bit and ran over by Dempsey's tank but they found injection to inject his arm so he doesn't turn into a walker Takeo got better after 17 hours they all got a crystal for a staff maxis drone and a shield when they all built those they will be unstoppable they built staffs and everything else they heard Samantha again she said yous have made the staffs yous can save me hurry I believe in you all so they broke their way through they got blocked off and Nikolai risked his life and broke away through so they can go and save Samantha.

They could hear her screaming but they didn't know where it was coming from they just saw her hand pop out at the top of the lighthouse. When they reach Samantha she was trapped in a cage they said to her how could we hear you from far out there she said because I have a some sort of speaker or radio. They broke the lock and got Samantha she couldn't walk Dempsey picked her up and got out of there.     

The end


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