Thursday, September 1, 2016

my holiday blog post

In the holidays I stayed at my cousins house, it was a boys night because his friends were there too. We all turned up and played on his Xbox one. When we finished playing games we had pizza, the flavours were Hawaiian, pepperoni and cheese, and the meat ball pizza. Then it was getting dark so we decided to play The Grudge, a game that we made up, it was scary. This is how you play, one persons in and they have to hide while the people that are not in are walking around trying to find him. When the person that's in goes past he will pop out and chase you but you can get away he has to try and bite you but not for real. Then after that we went back inside to play the game again. We all stayed up to 6.00 then we all went to sleep then woke up and headed off to Havelock North bowl. That's the end of my holidays.


  1. thanks a cool post the game must be scary it really hooked me in and i wanted to read more

  2. Good blog post and the detail keep it ip