Thursday, July 28, 2016

my holiday

in the holidays I sat home and gamed mostly every day i just like gaming. But then it was getting boring so I did you tube videos with my cousin but when I got on it said in my notifications that my you tube channel got hacked. Then I was so angry then I got over it and made me another one me and my cousin did a video of us playing my NBA 2k12. Then we did a video of us playing a little soccer game then at half time we paused the video and went to the dairy I was holding my phone then when we got to the shop I unpaused the video and said were at the dairy getting a drink and some lollies. Then we had to pause it again and then we had to have dinner so we stop the whole video

all my cousins came over and we played just dance and then me and my cousin didn't want dint want to play schools with the girls because thats dumb to us so me and my cousin played on our phones and we play clash of clans and mine craft. On minecraft I joined his world and we built atleast 30 40 minute buildings and those took 5 days then we played survive val when you have to kill craft mine and build then we went into my cousins room we saw my brother and my cousins boyfriend creating somthing I was videoing them and uploading it on youtube but it failed when they finished what they where creating they put the phone in the small box and put this thing with two holes init were they put there eyes to look at the phone they downloaded a scary came on the phone they had to hold the small box around with them and it  will move when your looking at in to it you will be in a haunted house.