Monday, April 4, 2016

My iproud 1

Welcome to Daniels iproud

Hi and I am going to write about my iproud. I am blogging this because it is my learning task that i have put a lot of effort in to it. Hope you like it. 

My best learning

This is my Camp Letter


Mrs S Fraser
Willowpark Road

Dear Sue
Thank you so much for taking time off work and helping us with everything. I really appreciate you helping me with packing and also thank you for cleaning up our mess on Friday in all the Rooms.

Firstly my favourite thing about camp was when we did the riverwalk.  It was my challenging thing to do. It was my challenging thing because it was very cold and it was a long way and there were rocks that were stopping you in your tube that you were in.

My second favourite thing was going to Onekawa pools. When we got there we got told rules from the man that worked there. After that we were allowed a swim . We saw these boys ‘manuing’ in the pool so we did too. But then we got told off. Then after that me Deegan David and Caitlin went on the slide together. We held on to each other and we all started screaming at the end  because we started to hit each other. Then after that we had a feed. Our meal was sausages and onions. We were allowed to have seconds and thirds but we had to wait until others had got theirs. Then we were allowed another swim and we just went on the slide over and over again. Then we had our goodies. After that we had to say thank you to all the parents and get dressed then go home. I really hoped you liked my letter.

Yours sincerely :

I am proud of this because I put a lot of effort into this writing.

My biggest challenge was… the river walk.

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