Tuesday, February 16, 2016

my first blog post 2016

Hi my name is Daniel and I am a Parkvale student and I'm 10, I'm in Rimu hub and I'm in room 21a.

  My hobbies are Basketball, Touch Rugby, Boxing, Skateboarding, Rapping, and Wrestling. My favorite sport out of my hobbies is Basketball my favorite basketball  players is Stephen Curry.This is a photo of him shooting the ball in the hoop.

I have 2 siblings and ones a boy and ones a girl. But I'm the youngest my brother is 18 turning 19 this year and my sister is 15 turning 16. When I get home from school I clean up and do my chores like the dishes and the washing. After that I play on my tablet. I play Habbo and Clash of Cans also some times I play with my cat. Hes a black cat, I had two other black cats before I had the cat that I have now.  The two other cats that I had are dead and lost one of them ran away and one of them got ran over it was really sad I started to cry when I found out.  There names were called Stanley and Rocky, we buried Stanley at the back of our house, we built a little cross and a little grave and it says R.I.P. Memory of Stanley.