Thursday, November 12, 2015


Name: jeff
Family: 1 brother 1 sister
age: 21
Image result for FAT CAT

Hi my name is jeff and I was always hungry. I would always wait until somebody  gets me some food I always meowed but nobody got me any food so I climbed up on the bench then I fell BANG!!! it makes a loud noise nobody heard so I do It again but this time i climbed and did not fall I opened the cupboard with my sharp paws I go in the cupboard and I look around I see my food and others I go and get It I hear the kitchen door open I stand still and  the owner says that in the cupboard. It feels fluffy she lets It go and and opens the cupboard and sees her fat cat eating the food she was really angry because she had to go and buy some more food.       


  1. It is so funny I like the pitcher to LOL

  2. ha ha ha ha i like it keep up the good work

  3. that is really funny Daniel i love the pic lol

  4. Wow that is a very funny picture Daniel :)