Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No supermarket

The Learning Intention: I am learning to write Persuasively
The Success Criteria:How I can achieve this
  1. State your opinion in the Introduction  and who is your audience
  2. Give 3 detailed reasons to support your opinion. One reason per paragraph
  3. Try to give facts or statistics to support your reasons.
  4. Use emotive and persuasive language.
  5. Go the progression on the writing wall to check where you are at with writing persuasively.
  6. Assess what you are doing well. Reflect and action what your next step is.
No  Supermarket
I am writing this because I think we should not have  a supermarket on Paki's Paddock.

Firstly we should not have a supermarket on Paki's paddock because it will distract the students that are in the classes next door. It will distract us with the parents and the cars going in and out of the supermarket and the drive way.

Secondly all of the parents will want to go to the supermarket by Parkvale school and we will, have too much traffic on Howard street. We don't need more going back and forward and also someone might cause an accident on Howard street and that won't be good.

Thirdly it's not sustainable for our natural environment. Building a supermarket over land that grows broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and it will kill the plants that are the paddock.

So in my opinion we should not have a supermarket on Paki's paddock.


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