Tuesday, March 17, 2015

dan the man spider man take down kraven the hunter

Dan the man and Spidey take down kraven the hunter

At the central park zoo Peter Parker was looking at the animals with a really good friend of his.and her name was Melissa. There was an ice cream   man that  came running  and shouting out “HELP ME! HELP ME! The LION has escaped from  his enclosure.”
Peter Parker ran to a near by building and transformed into Spider man when he put on his spidey costume. Spidey returned to the scene and he said “What a minute is that kraven the hunter, the best hunter alive?”

Kraven the Hunter took down  the lion SMASH! BANG! BOOM! POW!  spidey  came back with his spidey suit on kraven the hunter said what are you doing in america and who are you spider man kraven the hunter went  to punch spidey and avenchily he missed they went face to face then… bam to kraven the hunter got him this time  spidey fell on the ground he got back up like a brave man they fighted to the death kraven the hunter said in his mind he to strong i will have to cheat and poison him with some poison that i took from a snake kraven the hunter got him then suddenly dan the man  came and saved spidey  dan the man used his super strength and his super speed also his invisibility so kraven the hunter can,t see him SMACK. down goes kraven the hunter dan the man helped up spidey kraven got up spidey and dan the man fighted to death BOOM CRACK SMASH BANG  then stood up dan the man and spidey they took down kraven the hunter and that was the end of kraven the hunter.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I am learning to translate, reflect and rotate using a koru design. Next we made a kowhaiwhai pattern.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Dan the Man

Amazing abilities
Natural hunter


Night fighter